The Final Piece of the Clever Climbers Puzzle

Well, we didn’t actually design a puzzle, but we did finish designing the last segment of the Little Tikes Commercial Clever Climbers Curriculum Kit, completing our creative quota (say that five times fast). For more information about alliteration, consult your Clever Climbers Curriculum Kit. For more information about the project, consult our portfolio.



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FFaNY: Feet-uring new Anda Creative designed brands

Anda hopped over to the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFaNY) shoe show today to catch the tail end of our client’s (Dynasty Footwear) showrooms. As always, their showrooms looked great, with many innovative, warm-weather styles.

Anda collaborated with Dynasty over the past several months to rework several of their existing brands: Beach Club, People Movers, London Underground and more. Although some display fixtures and brands are still in the works, several finished branded footwear selections were on display, so check out our phone pics below. Hopefully more to come for the December FFaNY show…and hopefully we will remember to bring a real camera!

Dynasty-FFaNY-Light-tastic Dynasty-FFaNY-BeachClub
Dynasty-FFaNY-LondonUnderground Dynasty-FFaNY-PeopleMovers

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Weight Loss Couture Gains a New Website

Anda worked with St. Louis-based Weight Loss Couture to design and develop a new identity system and website to promote their ongoing commitment to better health. The owner of Weight Loss Couture desired a more effective identity system to match the quality of services his company offered. Weight Loss Couture works with clients to promote a healthier lifestyle and offers strategies for staying healthy once a desired goal has been obtained. Anda used a similar approach for this web project: to design and develop a website that can be easily updated on a continual basis, a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

Visit the site at


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The Miracle of Style Guides

Redesigning a logo should not end with just a logo. Anda recognizes the importance of supporting and maintaining a strong brand through consistent logo usage. Can the logo be converted to greyscale? When should you use the tagline? What kind of graphics and images should be used with the logo? Hopefully these are the kinds of questions that arise when working with a new or redesigned brand. If not, then the users of the new logo are likely making these decisions on their own, which may not reflect the best branding practices. This is where Anda’s experience with brand and style guide books comes in. We recently worked with Miracle Recreation Equipment Company to create a thorough style guide and to map proper usage for the newly redesigned brand. The guide was created to introduce the oldest and largest commercial playground equipment manufacturer in the United States in a new light and to promote consistent usage.

See more images of the style guide in our portfolio.


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Are you sitting down? Standfast’s newly redesigned website is now live.

Standfast is a Chicago-based design and manufacturing company specializing in height safety solutions. Anda was tasked with rebranding and redesigning their main product line, the TRAM Fall Protection System. This included reworking their website to better highlight TRAM, integrating an order page, designing product data sheets for all TRAM applications (available on their website), and creating presentation folders and slideshow templates.

Check out our work at


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Just in time for Pantone Black C Friday…Makalu Now at Shoe Carnival

We first wrote about this project last December after attending the 2011 FFaNY Shoe Expo in NYC . It’s been a year in the making, but Dynasty Footwear’s Makalu California™ shoe line is now available in Shoe Carnival stores everywhere. We teamed up with our friends at Dynasty to develop the branding for the new shoe line. This included logos, packaging, brand books and fixtures for displaying the shoes in their showrooms and now in the stores. It’s great to finally see the project come full circle!

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Illustrator Adam Dant’s exhibition, From the Library of Dr. London


From the Library of Dr. London, by Adam Dant

During my last couple of trips to visit my brother and family in London, I have admired illustrator Adam Dant’s The Map of Spitalfields Life hanging in their hallway, so I was happy to hear we’d have the opportunity to see Dant’s current exhibition From the Library of Dr. London during this most recent visit.

The show includes a series of large-scale, highly detailed, illustrated (ink) interpretations of several big cities: London, Paris, Zurich, Istanbul, New York and Tokyo.

Following these maps may lead you to some unexpected points of interest, but I highly suggest a visit to see them if you find yourself in the East End. If not, check out some of his other works.

Exhibition at Hales Gallery, September 7 – October 6
Tea Building
7 Bethnal Green Road
London EI 6LA

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Farmers, friends, feasting and a rain dance at Chicago’s Uncommon Ground

Anda Creative spent the end of last week and weekend visiting our farm and agriculture clients in the northern Illinois cities of Princeton and Chicago. AgriEnergy gave us a tour of their campus nestled in the middle of farm fields desperate for rain. We were happy to bring rain to the town of Princeton on Saturday and brought it along with us to Chicago, just in time for the rooftop happy hour for the Iroquois Valley Farms Midsummer Feast at the Uncommon Ground restaurant. You’re welcome, Illinois, Anda is just happy we could deliver.

Once everyone realized what the wet substance falling from the sky was, they didn’t let it damper (just dampen) the festivities. Everyone huddled under small umbrellas and most didn’t complain too much about getting wet. As soon as the rain stopped, it was our cue to move indoors for the farm feast. The food was donated by Iroquois Valley Farms growers, and the menu was conceived and prepared by Uncommon Ground (menu below). Anda worked closely with Iroquois Valley Farms president, David Miller, to design the invitations, presentation, promotional items and menus.

The country’s first certified organic rooftop farm (M.O.S.A. Oct, 2008).

Iroquois Valley Farms president, David Miller, welcomes guests to the Midsummer Feast.

A full house for the Midsummer Feast.

Iroquois Valley Farms Midsummer Farm Feast

Appetizers on the Roof Garden
Holy Moses Wheat Ale

Sustainably Brewed by Great Lakes Brewery
Donated locally by Louis Glunz Beers, Chicago

Fromage de Chevre with Mushroom Tapanade
Down to Earth Farms, Indiana and Wind n Oak Farms, Will County, IL

Pastured Beef Tartare
From the organic fields of Waseda Farms, Door County, WI

First Course
Three Sisters “Trois Soeurs” Salad
Corn, summer squash, pole beans, plus organic tomatoes
From Down to Earth Farms, Indiana

Second Course
Grass Fed Prairie Meats Stew with vegetables and corn bread
Beef supplied by Black Earth Meats, WI
Pork supplied by Faith’s Farm, Bonfield, IL

Summer Berry Cobbler
Organic wheat berries from Janie’s Farm, Iroquois County, IL

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