Design Wrap-Up: 
CASE Europe Annual Conference 2017

For the past several months, Anda Creative has been collaborating with London-based CASE Europe (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) to help promote its recent CASE Europe Annual Conference 2017 (August 28 – September 1). Design projects included branding, advertising, brochures and programs, presentations, giveaways, signage, and way-finding systems.


Based on the feedback we have heard from the fantastic CEAC 2017 planning committee and have read through social media, the event was a big success (of course!). We are happy to have contributed to the branding and promotion for CEAC 2017, and look forward to teaming up again for CEAC 2018 in Edinburgh. See more of our CASE Europe work within our portfolio.





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Meet Jim!

Jim is our Senior Graphic Designer / Website Developer / Office Chef. We’re pretty sure his dream project would be to design a website for a cooking show, then develop the website for a cooking show, and then bake something using the website he designed and developed for a cooking show. We are 100% confident it would look, function, and taste excellent!

He is from St. Louis, MO and earned his Associates of Fine Arts in Graphic Communications from St. Louis Community College at Meramec. He received his BA in Advertising and Media from Lindenwood University before digging even deeper into the world of digital media by working as designer/developer for multiple tech start-up companies. He continues to push his coding skills and UI/UX abilities as far as possible, while balancing his passion for sharp, bold design and mobile-first web development.


When he’s not creating layouts or writing code, you’ll probably find him at home cooking something from scratch, such as pasta sauce, artisan breads, and anything in a cast iron skillet. He also enjoys playing ice hockey, biking, hiking, drinking coffee / craft brews / fancy whiskey, and spending quality time with loved ones. And we bet they especially enjoy his company when he brings over beer and fresh pretzels!

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SBM’s Future 50 Companies Award

We were proud to receive SBM’s Future 50 Companies award this year! Ed, Amanda, and Lauren represented Anda Creative by attending the honoree luncheon and managing not to trip during the awards ceremony (according to initial reports).




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Deployed Resources Photoshoot in Lollapalooza

Anda Creative traveled to Chicago on Friday to photograph the impressive products and services of one of our clients. Deployed Resources supplied over 900 SANITRAX toilets, urinals, and sinks to support the 100,000+ people who attended this four-day event in Grant Park.

Event-goers were able to enjoy the vacuum-flush restrooms that are more similar to an indoor facility than your standard portable restrooms used at festivals in the past. Complete hygienic solutions like this help to set a positive tone for any event, festival, or concert. At festivals like Lollapalooza, a clean and hygienic system will encourage people to spend more money on food and beverages, knowing they will have access to comfortable and clean facilities.


We took several pre-event photos as well as photos throughout the day. The lines were never long, the units remained clean and comfortable, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits…partly due to a full day of great music, but we suspect mainly because of the pleasant restroom experience!



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Meet Lauren!

We are happy to introduce Lauren Jin as our new Graphic Design Intern! And we’re not just saying that. She’s bringing creativity and enthusiasm with her. That definitely makes us happy!

Graphic design has taken Lauren around the world and now we’re happy to say it has brought her to our graphic design team! You might say she’s come full-circle, but who’s to say it’s not full-square, full-triangle, or full-rhombus, depending on the design layout?

Lauren Jin Bio Pic

She was born and raised in St. Louis, and earned her BFA in Visual Communications, with a minor in Communication, from Truman State University. While in school she jumpstarted her career training as the head designer for the campus Career Center, a graphic design internship for an ad agency in Shanghai, China, an editorial art internship for a well known magazine publisher in New York, and a remote creative content/graphic design internship for a fashion accessories company in Miami.

When she’s not designing, she enjoys immersing herself in all things Instagram by following creatives, curating her own feed, playing tennis, listening to podcasts, eating popcorn, drinking green tea, eating Japanese food, and appreciating fashion. Oh, wait, some of these interests are not all things Instagram, but you get the picture. Get it? Picture!

Feel free to welcome Lauren for yourself (x106).

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Can we get a Hermes high five?!

We are happy to announce that Anda Creative received two 2017 Hermes Creative Awards for two recent projects:

Gold Winner: CASE Europe Annual Conference Branding

We collaborated with London-based CASE Europe to design and develop branding and collateral for the 2016 CASE Europe Annual Conference (CEAC). The event took place this past summer and preparation included numerous projects: logo, magazine advertisements, brochure, programme, prospectus, presentations, signage, and way-finding systems.

The event took place in Brussels, Belgium, so the goal was to create global appeal while emphasizing the central location and easy access within Europe.


Platinum Winner: Deployed Resources Large-Scale Camp Animation

We recently teamed-up with Rome, NY-based Deployed Resources to create a series of animations promoting their products and services. The award-winning 3D animation flies through a Large-Scale Camp with a fully rendered background scene and figures. It provides product details that are typically very difficult or impossible to capture using traditional photographic techniques.

Now the awards will rest atop our display shelf. Well, as soon as Tim and Corey stop walking around with them – posing for photos and signing autographs.


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Ross-CASE Infographic and Report Design


We recently teamed up with CASE Europe to design the Ross-CASE Trends in Philanthropic Support for Higher Education infographic, as well as the full 2017 report Giving to Excellence: Generating Philantropic Support for UK Higher Education.

The CASE Europe organization has been successfully improving donations from year to year, and has now reached a big milestone by surpassing £1bn for the first time!


This is the second year in a row that we’ve designed the full Ross-CASE infographics and reports. We start by visualizing the data in a clear and succinct way. Once the main infographic design is complete, we expand on those infographics for additional infographics, charts, and graphs within the full report. Our goal is to present the information in a visually pleasing way, which also aids in a better understanding of the content. We’re happy how the infographics and report design turned out and we’re proud to be involved with such a worthy effort to improve fundraising for higher education. 

View the full Ross-CASE report here:

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When One Barn Door Closes, the Same One Opens (because that’s how doors work), and a Mural is Painted


We recently expanded our office space and spent last week connecting the two units with a new barn door entrance, and painting a gigantic mural. It took 6 people (with lots of elbow grease) 4 days to complete the mural, but we finally wrapped it up last Friday night! Maybe we should have saved a bit of elbow grease for the door because it’s a little squeaky right now. We’ll deal with that later.

To read our post about the historical significance of our office building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, please click here:

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Anda’s 2016 Stock Photo Calendar – November

Presenting the next installment from our 2016 calendar of AMAZINGLY awful stock photos, which we stumbled upon while searching for usable images. November’s image is titled “A Thai Local People With Cock Fighting In A Farm.”


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ME Awards Show

Aww yeah! Tim was on point at the ME Awards Show last night at the National Blues Museum…we won a BMA Marketing Excellence Award for our Back Forty Creative Integrated Branding Campaign! We’ve always felt integrated, but now it’s official and we couldn’t be more proud.


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