Design Wrap-Up:
CASE Europe Annual Conference 2015

For the past several months, Anda Creative has been collaborating with London-based CASE Europe (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) to help promote its recent CASE Europe Annual Conference 2015 (August 31 – September 4). Design projects included branding, advertising, brochures and programs, presentations, giveaways, signage, and way-finding systems.



Based on the feedback we have heard from the fantastic CEAC 2015 planning committee and have read through social media, the event was a big success (of course!). We are happy to have contributed to the branding and promotion for CEAC 2015, and look forward to teaming up again for CEAC 2016 in Brussels…design and branding fun has already begun! Here’s a sneak peek below. See more of our CASE Europe work within our portfolio.

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The B.E.S.T. agency for the job

St. Louis-based financial planning company B.E.S.T. Wealth Management recently hired Anda Creative to help them rebrand.

Client consultation, brand assessment, and market research determined that the client’s biggest struggle was to appeal to the three very different target markets they represent: Individuals, Families, and Small Business Owners. The client also wanted to find a way to appeal to the younger, more tech-savvy segments in each of these markets.

After establishing a brand position and strategy, we began development on a new logo. In order to represent the three markets, we gave each their own color scheme. A color from each scheme was brought into the logo to compliment dark blue, which was used as the primary color for B.E.S.T.

These colors were carried throughout website, making each of the three markets easily definable. The user simply follows their market from the home page to enter a site within the site that caters to their specific needs. The site is a custom developed theme on a WordPress CMS, fully responsive for mobile and tablet, and just so happened to win an award for Best Website Design.

In addition to the brand position, logo, and website, we worked with B.E.S.T. to develop and design a direct mail campaign targeted to the small business owner market.

See the website and direct mail campaign for  B.E.S.T. Wealth Management by clicking this link.



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General Classification of Type

Typefaces can be broken down into four main categories. This method of classification helps us understand how to identify and select fonts for various applications, and facilitates designs that are both visually pleasing and legible.

Serif: A serif is a small extension from the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol. Serif fonts are commonly used in large bodies of text, because the weight contrast is fairly easy to read, especially for print. Some great Serif typefaces are Baskerville, Adobe Garamond, and Perpetua.



Sans Serif: Sans means without. In contrast to Serif fonts, there is no linear extension at the end of a stroke in a letter. Sans Serif fonts tend to be more geometric than Serif fonts and applications range from larger headlines to small text for online articles, blogs, social media, etc. due to their legibility on digital devices. Helvetica, Arial, and Tahoma are some examples of Sans Serif fonts.



Script: Script fonts are based on traditional handwriting and are commonly used for special occasions and events. The fluid strokes of Script fonts contrast greatly with Serif or Sans Serif fonts and can be effective to convey mood or emphasis when used sparingly. Some examples of Script fonts are Allura and CAC Champagne.



Decorative: Fonts that do not fit snuggly into any of the classifications above may be referred to as Decorative or Display fonts. They are often used for emphasis or attention and may not be as legible as other font styles; therefore, they tend to be reserved for signage, headlines, titles, and tattoos. Feel free to print this post as reference for your tattoo artist.




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Meet Tim and Jenny!

We are happy to introduce Tim Holdmeier as our new Art Director and Jenny Lin as our graphic designer.

Tim Holdmeier, Art Director

Tim is responsible for assisting us in brand coordination and design projects, as well as project delegation and scheduling. He is highly skilled in finding the right combination of visuals and information to illustrate the most effective solutions for our clients.

Originally from Washington, Missouri, Tim received his BFA, Commercial Art Degree, with an emphasis in graphic design. Previously a Creative Director for a St. Louis-based marketing agency, Tim gained experience developing identity systems, brand standards, print and digital campaigns and promotional materials. Through his years of agency experience, he has obtained a great understanding of visual communication, and we are thrilled to bring his talents to the team.

Tim is a big movie buff—especially horror movies. He is also a huge fan of “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story.” Tim also plays the saxophone, so he will be a great addition to the Anda jam band.


Jenny Lin, Graphic Designer

Jenny will assist in concept design, production design, illustration and social media. Her deep appreciation of informational visuals and communication design sparked her interest in storytelling, which allows her to convey messages through illustration and design.

Born in Guangzhou and raised in the United States, Jenny attended the University of Missouri-St. Louis for her BFA with an emphasis in graphics, while pursuing her Art History Minor and Certificate in Photographic Studies. While the world of technology continuously progresses, she is still able to express herself through the traditional arts that she loves – painting and photography.

Besides art and design, Jenny is also passionate about traveling to explore new places, the little details in nature, hula hooping and root beer floats. She is quite spontaneous and loves to make the most of every minute. We could not be more thrilled to have her as a part of the Anda team, and we are all very excited/quite nervous about our first hula hoop lesson.



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Design Week 2014

At Anda Creative, we pretty much live each week like it’s Design Week. If you want to be like us check out Design Week 2014. Beginning on Monday September 22, AIGA St. Louis will host an annual full week of interesting and engaging design events. You can tour studios and agencies, listen to speakers, learn more about the local art scene, socialize with creatives and meet some new friends.

Check out their very lovely site:
…and RSVP to some events! See you there!

Your Field Guide to Design Week

The poster for one of the events during Design Week 2014 (below) was designed by Susannah Lohr, graphic designer at Anda!

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Meet Travis!

We are happy to introduce Travis White as our new Assistant Art Director. Travis will be helping to direct print and branding design projects, by bringing his fresh approach and set of eyes to our team. 

Originally from Central Illinois, Travis followed the typical baseball-to-art path which ultimately wound its way through Maryville University’s art & design program. He may have hung up his cleats, but he continues to hit his way through the St. Louis design scene, bringing his most recent in-house experience with him to our agency. Win-win!

Travis White
Assistant Art Director
(314) 394-0925


Photography by Susannah Lohr

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Meet Susannah!

We are happy to introduce Susannah Lohr as our new Graphic Designer. In addition to her design skills, she is a talented illustrator, adding a very creative mind to our team!

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Susannah studied illustration and design at Washington University St. Louis, and earned her BFA in 2012. Her diverse portfolio ranges from product packaging and advertisements, to book covers and event posters.

Susannah’s interests don’t stop with graphic design and illustration. She’s also very involved with the St. Louis arts community. She runs the cool, St. Louis-based street-fashion blog called Fibres (, so be prepared if someone stops you for an interview. If no one stops you for an interview, be prepared to rethink your wardrobe! 

Susannah Lohr
Graphic Designer
(314) 394-0925


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GD USA American Package Design

We are pleased to announce that a recent project we designed for Dynasty Footwear received a 2014 American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA (GD USA). Despite the urge, please refrain from asking for our autographs at this time. We simply can’t grip a Sharpie marker while holding all of our awards.
This project was promoted during last week’s shoe expo in NYC, so we wish the new product great success. The current edition Makalu brand shoes are sold at Shoe Carnival stores everywhere. 
Award: 2014 American Package Design
Category: Fashion and Apparel
Client: Dynasty Footwear
Project: Makalu California – Gift Edition / Die-Cut Box
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WordCamp St. Louis 2014 Design Sponsor

Anda Creative is an official sponsor of WordCamp St. Louis 2014, responsible for event branding and designing promotional materials including the website, Facebook page, badges, ads, shirts and signage. Come camping (learn some website design/development skills) March 1st at Washington University! Visit the WordCamp STL website for more information.

WordCamp STL

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Anda Visits Dynasty’s Footwear Show: NYC

We were happy to stop by and visit our friends of Dynasty Footwear at their cool showroom in Midtown Manhattan yesterday. This week is the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFaNY) show and our client is promoting several new brands and styles of shoes, including two brands we recently collaborated on together: London Underground and Makalu Gift Edition (recently awarded a GD USA Best Packaging Award 2014 – more information coming soon!). It was snowing yesterday, so a pair of Makalu boots would have come in very handy…or very footy.
makalugift londonunderground dynastyfootwear
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