Anda Creative’s Animated Team Has an Exciting Announcement

The Anda Creative team is proud to announce that we won a Telly Award for our client Deployed Resources adding to their ever-growing collection!

Award Winner: Deployed Resources Micro Camp 3D Animation

Deployed Resources is continually working on creative ways to provide information about their life support products and services; and this was no different when they needed a marketing solution for their Micro Camp—a prefabricated camp ideal for supporting small teams of deployed personnel throughout their operations and trainings. To bring this support camp to life, we created a 3D animation. Not only did this animation showcase the variety products making up the camp, but it was also a great way to showcase how it travels and functions in even the most austere of environments! Discover the Deployed Resources Micro Camp.

The Telly Awards are celebrating their 40th anniversary of honoring excellence in video and television across all screens.

Anda Creative Brings Home a Win for Three Clients at this Year’s Hermes Awards

The Anda Creative team is proud to announce that three client projects won big this year at the 2018 Hermes Awards!

Award Winner: Containerized Resources Website Design
As a newly launched company, Containerized Resources came to Anda Creative knowing that developing a visually pleasing, responsive website design was crucial to their success. Not only would a website help efficiently showcase their brand, but also their crazy-talented capabilities to create one-of-a-kind customized shipping containers ranging from mobile coffee shops to restaurants to dog washes. Through this collaboration, our team was able to enhance their brand and identity, share their unique story, and also showcase their expertise as innovators who constantly are being challenged to think outside of the “box.” Check out their website.

Award Winner: Deployed Resources Containerized Kitchen Unit 3D Animation
Deployed Resources is continually working on creative ways to provide information about their life support products and services; and this was no different when they needed a marketing solution for their Containerized Kitchen Unit. To bring this product to life, we created a 3D animation. Not only did this animation showcase the product, how it looked and functioned, but it was also a great way to showcase the variety of services Deployed Resources offers including their complete turnkey food service and dining facilities offering food preparation, serving, and seating! Discover the Containerized Kitchen Unit.

Award Winner: Resource Converting, LLC (RCI) DrycloneÒ Introduction Video
To showcase and market their state-of-the-art DrycloneÒ Air Drying System to distributors around the world, RCI came to Anda Creative to produce an animated video which captures the essence and functionalities of their state-of-the-art Waste to Energy technology; especially since there is no other product on the market like it! Through this project, we were able to share their technological achievements as well as showcase how their product can create real positive change in the world. Watch the video to learn more.

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Anda Creative Brings Home Two 2018 Graphic Design USA Awards!

We got design cred! The Anda Creative team is excited to announce that a few of our most recent projects have received 2018 Graphic Design USA (GD USA) Awards! Check them out…

Award Winner: DynaKnit by Dynasty Footwear Branding + Identity Programs

In preparation of their DynaKnit collection launch, our long-term client Dynasty Footwear reached out to the Anda Creative team to help develop the branding and identity for this stylish shoe collection to be sold at a popular shoe retailer nationwide. During this project, our team helped supply a logo, packaging assets, including shoeboxes, socks, and hangtags, and a variety of design collateral such as store signage and a brand book. Due to the success of the brand, you could say that we started this project off on the right foot!

Ready, Set, Joe! Coffee Shop by Containerized Resources Surface Graphics

When Containerized Resources wanted to create a custom coffee shop constructed out of an ISO shipping container, it was a no brainer for them to call on Anda Creative, the coffee…(ahem)…design experts. Since this project started from the coffee “ground” up, this collaboration allowed us to work on all design aspects within the mobile unit; this included not only the exterior and interior surface designs, but also additional branded assets including the coffee shop menu and coffee cups! Always remember, in coffee (and design) we trust.

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The story behind our office building: J. Milton Turner School

We are proud to have our St. Louis office located in a building that has played an important role in American history and local St. Louis history as well.

Originally called the Meacham Park School, the J. Milton Turner school was named so in 1932. The building was opened in 1924 to address the inadequate educational resources for black students in the area and then expanded in 1937. With the New Deal in 1933, the school gained new sources of funding for growth. It eventually was brought to its current size in 1948. In 1950, Kirkwood parents filed a suit, along with many others across the country, to desegregate schools, which eventually lead to the Brown v. Board of Education ruling in 1954.


J. Milton Turner was a former slave, abolitionist, civil rights and black education advocate. He was appointed Ambassador to Liberia in 1871 by Ulysses S. Grant, and while working for the Missouri Department of Education, he founded over thirty new schools for African Americans and helped establish Lincoln Institute (now Lincoln University).

The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000, and was converted into office space named after J. Milton Turner in 2008. Today, the building houses many businesses and remembers the lives of the students and teachers of the school. Photographs and artifacts of the building are preserved in cases in the first floor hallway for public view and plaques tell a bit about the building’s history. We are proud to have Anda Creative located in such a historically significant spot.


For more information, you can check out the building’s website, come by for a tour, or watch a short documentary about the building’s history and revitalization:

The History of Anda Creative

In honor of International Day of Friendship, we thought we’d talk about the friendship of Anda Creative owners, Amanda Potts and Miranda Summers by way of five of our most frequently-asked questions:

1) What does Anda mean? 
AmANDA and MirANDA. It was either that or Amandiranda.

2) How did you two meet? 
In high school.

3) Where did you go to high school? (Asked only by people from St. Louis.) 
Hazelwood West…go Wildcats! Class of 199cough. We met during our Freshman year in what was called Zero Hour, a voluntary extra class for students to take before the already ridiculously early start of school. Most of us who enrolled in the class did so because of music and/or art classes, which didn’t fit into the required class curriculum. In what kind of career path would anyone ever use something like art?! Anyway, we met in Zero Hour and immediately started working on an elaborate business plan…no wait, we mean we hit it off by finding something to laugh about and have been laughing ever since.

4) How did Anda Creative start? 
When each of us moved back to St. Louis after college (Amanda from University of Missouri Columbia and Miranda from Truman State University), we received a few freelance gigs here and there, which is common for graphic designers. And, as is always the case, even to this day, whenever one of us schedules a vacation, we suddenly become very busy with new projects. Neither one of us wanted to turn away our freelance clients, so we would cover each other by passing our work back and forth whenever one of our schedules wouldn’t allow us to work on something. After a while, we thought this could actually turn into something someday. That someday didn’t happen until several years later, after much growth as designers and adulting (we’re still adulting), but in 2004 Anda Design Station* was born. Once we found St. Louis City Hall, we walked up to the third floor, filled out a sheet of paper, carried it downstairs to file it, and then walked out to celebrate!

Our offices are in different states now, but we still see each other several times a year (for work and for fun) and talk by phone most days, usually prompted by something for work, but eventually going off-topic. Although we’re often more productive when we don’t talk on the phone, it makes for a fun friendship which just so happens to make for a fun business (most of the time). Aww.

5) Do you sell chicken feed?

*We were originally named Anda Design Station, for unknown reasons, and later changed it to Anda Creative when we were older and wiser (a couple of years later, while having a drink on the patio of Blueberry Hill). It was 80°F that day. Neither one of us was dressed appropriately for the weather.

McSorely’s Old Ale House, New York City

Visualizing 2017 as we look forward to 2018

As we approach the new year, we’d like to look back on the year we’re leaving. As a visual communications agency, we can look back and see everything as a whole, which is a lot of creative work. A lot of branding design work. A lot of web design and development work. A lot of packaging design work. A lot of social media marketing work. Overall, a lot of work. A lot of great-looking work. However, it doesn’t tell the whole story. It shows the creative solutions, but not how we got there.

We began 2017 with a business trip to visit a client site near Miami, FL and we’re planning another meeting with them in January 2018. We can’t complain about spending a few winter days in sunny Florida, especially with a top notch client who does very impactful and important work providing life support equipment and services, but the meetings have also kicked-off important projects with them each year. This past year, we designed and developed a brand new website, updated two smartphone apps/tools, continued their social media campaigns, created multiple 3d animation videos, updated their print advertising campaigns, and helped to define and brand an entirely new division within their organization. A slick new website, social media channels, and other marketing materials were expedited so the division could hit the ground running.


We also expanded our office space to make more room for our Back Forty Creative division in January. We dusted off our paint brushes and created a massive 20’ x 12’ mural on the main wall. It was a team effort, with everyone in the office pitching in (and some extra help from family). Good times! We learned a few things about the office team during this process: Corey is good with masking tape, Tim has a way of painting himself into a corner, Amanda is better at using sponges than paint brushes, Ed is good at fixing Amanda’s corn, and Miranda is good at thinking something that actually takes five days will only take a day to complete. But at the end of that week, the mural was complete, we all survived (the paint fumes and each other), and the wall looks amazing!

Over the spring and summer, we continued working with clients on some very large projects. One project involved rebranding and redesigning a line of feed bags for a Missouri-based feed company. The other project was our third year of collaborating with a London-based non-profit organization to help rebrand and design marketing materials for their big conference. Both of these projects spanned 8+ months, but the end results were worth it.

Mid-year we began working with a Las Vegas-based sustainable feedstock drying system manufacturer to help rebrand their business. This included a refined logo design, brand usage and style manual, website design and development, a 4-minute animation video, and product specification sheets.

We also had the opportunity to expand our scope with a global non-profit organization. We have worked with their European division for several years, but this year we also started working with their Asia-Pacific division. Much like our work with Europe, we have started and continue to work on their branding design, social media campaigns, promotional materials, signage graphics, program brochure design, and more.

This fall, we exhibited at a couple of big trades shows in Baltimore, MD and Columbus, OH, and are happy to have met–and started working with–a couple of new clients. One of our new clients is an herbal supplements business with a project scope that included a massive rebrand, identity system, packaging design of nearly 600 products, direct-mail campaigns, shelf displays, trade show displays, and multiple advertisements which will take us through the end of 2017 and will continue into 2018. We will let you know when the newly branded products are available in stores.

Kleenex is not a client, but you may want to grab one while we talk about our employees, old and new. We said goodbye to Corey this summer, which was a bummer. A bummer summer. He had a great opportunity with another firm and we wished him luck. He’s a great designer and did a lot of great work while he was with us. We said hello…and then goodbye to our summer intern Lauren. She helped across the board – social media, design projects, a photography shoot at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago, and all-around positivity and enthusiasm in the office. She recently accepted a full-time position with a national shoe company. Way to go, Lauren! But don’t be too sad about those who have moved on because we also welcomed a key member to our team in September…Jim! Jim is our Awesome Web Developer and Sr. Graphic Designer. If awesome isn’t on his business card, we’ll be sure to add it in 2018. He immediately jumped in and took the reins of several key digital projects this fall!

Of course there are many, many more client projects, events, and extremely important announcements from throughout the year, but we can’t name them all. You can see more about them by visiting our website work page and by reading through our previous blog and social media entries. We’ll wait while you go do that right now.

Are you back? Yeah? Great. Now that you’ve seen and are completely impressed by the work we’ve done, you can hear us gush a bit more about the talented people on our team. Check out some of the awards we won this past year:


  • AMERICAN WEB DESIGN AWARD – Deployed Resources Website
  • TELLY BRONZE AWARD – Deployed Resources Large-Scale Camp Animation
  • W3 GOLD AWARD (MANUFACTURING) – Deployed Resources Website
  • HERMES PLATINUM AWARD (MOTION GRAPHICS FOR PRODUCT) – Deployed Resources Large-Scale Camp Animation



Our design team can be attributed to our successful 2017. Tim, Ed, and Jim truly make everyone and everything look good, and we have reason to believe they will continue to make things look good in 2018. If you don’t believe us, contact us and we’ll let them show you. They’ll make you sparkle. In a good way.

Containerized Resources Website Launch

Anda Creative recently launched the Containerized Resources website! Containerized Resources is a New York-based business providing innovative and mobile structures built from repurposed shipping containers. We have been working closely with Containerized Resources to design/develop a custom website that showcases their really cool custom builds. Along with the website, we’ve designed a sophisticated branding system, including a new logo, corporate identity, social media, advertising, product sheets, and digital presentations.

Anda Creative received a 2017 W3 Gold Award (Manufacturing Category) for the website.

Check them out:


Design Wrap-Up: 
CASE Europe Annual Conference 2017

For the past several months, Anda Creative has been collaborating with London-based CASE Europe (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) to help promote its recent CASE Europe Annual Conference 2017 (August 28 – September 1). Design projects included branding, advertising, brochures and programs, presentations, giveaways, signage, and way-finding systems.


Based on the feedback we have heard from the fantastic CEAC 2017 planning committee and have read through social media, the event was a big success (of course!). We are happy to have contributed to the branding and promotion for CEAC 2017, and look forward to teaming up again for CEAC 2018 in Edinburgh. See more of our CASE Europe work within our portfolio.





Meet Jim!

Jim is our Senior Graphic Designer / Website Developer / Office Chef. We’re pretty sure his dream project would be to design a website for a cooking show, then develop the website for a cooking show, and then bake something using the website he designed and developed for a cooking show. We are 100% confident it would look, function, and taste excellent!

He is from St. Louis, MO and earned his Associates of Fine Arts in Graphic Communications from St. Louis Community College at Meramec. He received his BA in Advertising and Media from Lindenwood University before digging even deeper into the world of digital media by working as designer/developer for multiple tech start-up companies. He continues to push his coding skills and UI/UX abilities as far as possible, while balancing his passion for sharp, bold design and mobile-first web development.


When he’s not creating layouts or writing code, you’ll probably find him at home cooking something from scratch, such as pasta sauce, artisan breads, and anything in a cast iron skillet. He also enjoys playing ice hockey, biking, hiking, drinking coffee / craft brews / fancy whiskey, and spending quality time with loved ones. And we bet they especially enjoy his company when he brings over beer and fresh pretzels!

SBM’s Future 50 Companies Award

We were proud to receive SBM’s Future 50 Companies award this year! Ed, Amanda, and Lauren represented Anda Creative by attending the honoree luncheon and managing not to trip during the awards ceremony (according to initial reports).