This American Life live at a theater near you

Ira Glass’ radio show This American Life will be aired live to movie theaters across the US tomorrow, May 10 at 7pm. The title of the show is Things You Can’t Do on the Radio and includes David Sedaris and OK Go among the line-up of guests.

Locally, it will be shown at the St. Louis Mills theater, but to find more theater listings and to download OK Go’s free app to accompany the show, click here.  What a creative way to get the audience involved using smart phone technology!

Extra! Extra! Labor Tribune launches new website.

Anda Creative recently designed and developed the new website for the Labor Tribune weekly news publication. Besides a more organized and fresh, new look, the website also provides breaking news, archived stories, social media access and subscription information.

Only 336 new Pantone colors. Sigh.


Pantone® has released 336 new colors into its Pantone Matching System Plus Series, bringing the series total to 1,677 colors. Anda had big plans to work 337 new colors into a design project, but we just couldn’t complete our vision without that extra special color. Back to the drawing board.

Even without that extra special 337th color, we can still appreciate the new additions. The colors expand the book’s broad range of saturation, including pastels, neutrals, deep hues and brights. Subtle differences in color can make big differences in design, so we welcome the new color options.

The St. Louis Cardinals turn from red to green


In support of Earth Day, the St. Louis Cardinals will show their green by celebrating Green Week, April 24 through April 29! Back Forty Creative will be in attendance to support the Cardinals and Green Week tomorrow.

Read more on the St. Louis Cardinals website.

National Poem In Your Pocket Day

Today is national Poem In Your Pocket Day, so we’ve written a few art/design-related poems for anybody’s pockets.  The idea is to select a poem you like, put it in your pocket and share it throughout the day with co-workers, family, friends and enemies who will then become your friend after hearing your poem. Use one of ours or make your own. If you feel creative, send us your own art/design-related poems. Limericks seem to be the style of choice for Anda, but we welcome all types of poetry.


There once was a graphic designer,
Not the daughter of a coal miner;
She didn’t sing songs,
She built brands and blogs,
Everything was made to look finer.

There once was a young one named Roy,
Who was a colorful little boy;
He had knowledge to give,
Because his last name was Biv,
G. he’s the spectrum of joy.

Oh how I love the primaries,
Not the Newts vs. Romneys;
The yellows and blues,
And also reds, too,
Mixed: oranges, violets and greenies.

There once was a blogger named Fay,
Whose writing was in a bit of disarray;
She had to keep going,
Content she needed to be showing,
Or the client she works for won’t pay.

And a failed attempt at haiku:

Designer writing poem
Not a natural medium for her

Pantone chairs

I saw these chairs somewhere in Chicago’s Gold Coast, er, Pantone 871 Coast neighborhood last weekend.


Makalu California™ Website and Facebook Page

Dynasty Footwear has produced and released their website and Facebook page for the Makalu California™ product line.

Visit them at and like them on Facebook!

To read more about Anda’s branding and design work with the Makalu California product line, visit our previous post.

London Underground Rebranding Project

Anda Creative recently finished working on a rebranding project with Dynasty Footwear. The existing brand needed a facelift (or in this case, a footlift), including a logo redesign, new displays and packaging. The project debuted at last week’s Spring Fashion Footwear Association show in NYC.  We’d like to give a special thanks to Matt Summers-Sparks, editor of The London Report, for providing some of the London photographs used in this project.London_Underground


Updated Logo and Environmental Graphics for Cardinalis Consulting LLC

We always enjoy receiving photos of design projects in-use by our clients. Cathy of Cardinalis Consulting asked Anda to update their logo and to create a portable banner display. We answered with a colorful solution.


Eat More Kale…and help an artist!

I heard this story on my way home last night and thought it would be a good one to share. Vermont artist, Bo Muller-Moore is fighting charges from fast food giant Chick-fil-A over trademark infringement. Chick-fil-A claims Muller-Moore’s “Eat More Kale” T-shirt slogan is too similar to its own “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign.

To read NPR’s full story, click here. To order your very own Eat More Kale shirt, or to show support for the small-town artist who promotes local agriculture, click here.