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2011 FFANY New York Shoe Expo: Dynasty Footwear Showrooms

Anda just returned from a great trip to NYC. Dynasty Footwear was showing during the FFANY Shoe Show last week (Nov. 29 – Dec. 1), so we jumped at the opportunity to visit with our cool and creative friends at Dynasty and to see the results of our latest collaboration: Makalu™ California.


We were tasked with creating a Southern California-influenced branding design for the Women’s, Girl’s and Men’s Makalu California shoe lines. This included logos, packaging and brand books. In addition, we designed fixtures for displaying the shoes in their showrooms.

The Dynasty Footwear showrooms looked fantastic! We were happy to see the project’s final pieces come to fruition, and to see exactly how well our graphic designs worked with Dynasty’s innovative and stylish shoe designs. Now that we have seen the actual space for this event, watch out for next year! Well, unless they change venues without telling us.

Thanks again, Dynasty!



We’re off to the Acres USA Conference

Back Forty Creative will be at the Acres USA Conference again this year. The conference runs from December 8 through December 10 in Columbus, OH. If you’re planning on attending, feel free to stop by booth #510 to learn how our design services can help your sustainable agriculture business grow by creating a new logo/branding system, website, printed brochure, exhibit displays, etc. Or, feel free to drop by just to say hello. If you can’t find us, we’ll be next to the booth with the tasty organic lollipops.

And if you’re looking for more people to visit, find our friends:
AgriEnergy Resources
All Star Trading
Working Farms Capital

See you there!

B.E.S.T. New Website for B.E.S.T. Wealth Management


Anda Creative recently worked with St. Louis-based B.E.S.T. Wealth Management LLC to design and develop their new website. Built using WordPress CMS integration, and linked to their social media feeds, the site is easily maintained and auto-populated with new content. If this site were a high school senior, it would be voted Most Populated.  Visti the site at:

Three Generations of Wine Labels


During a recent visit to Viviano & Sons Grocery in the Hill neighborhood of St. Louis, I noticed a series of Spanish wines. Yes, my wine purchases are often influenced by the label. Not just because I believe a well-packaged product often rewards the buyer with a high quality product, but also because after the wine is long gone an empty bottle could last on top of a cabinet forever. Or it could be used for a craft project such as a candle holder or sand art container. Or it could be used to practice extreme juggling (stuff bottles with oily rags and light on fire, or break off the bottom of the bottle by hitting it on the side of a table) or ring toss.

The Matsu (Japanese for ‘to wait’) Winery practices sustainable viticulture in Toro, Spain. This collection of Matsu wine is represented by images of three generations whose personalities reflect each of the different wines: ‘El Pícaro’ (The Rogue), ‘El Recio’ (The Tough) and ‘El Viejo’ (The Old). It’s one of those great ideas that surprises me I haven’t seen before, but I particularly enjoyed seeing how strong the concept is when displayed as a series — they stood out from across the room. I’ll have to write a follow up post about whether or not the wines taste as good as they look.

WordCamp finally comes to St. Louis

St. Louis’ first WordCamp will take place Saturday, August 6 at Maryville University. WordCamp is a community-organized conference for WordPress users, publishers, developers and designers. This will be Anda’s third WordCamp (we also attended WordCamp NY 2010 and WordCamp KC 2011). It is a great opportunity to meet other WordPress users, share ideas, geek out, and if it’s anything like the other two camps, we’ll eat sandwiches.

Hackney City Farm in London

My brother and sister-in-law introduced me to Hackney City Farm during a recent trip to London to visit family. Located in the southeast corner of Haggerston Park, the farm makes for a nice respite within the lively Shoreditch neighbourhood of London. It’s a backdrop I recognised from many photographs of my young nephew, so it was nice to see the farm in person. The Farm’s Frizzante Cafe was the purpose of our visit. Its Mediterranean-inspired cuisine uses fresh, seasonal, and locally-produced ingredients. We enjoyed everything on the menu. And I mean everything, as in one of each: Grilled oyster mushrooms with truffle olive oil, prosciutto di Parma with donut variety peaches and watercress, house made tagliolini pasta with red snapper, rib of beef with rosemary potatoes, eggplant parmigiana with garden salad, and Eton mess (a traditional English pudding, er, dessert).

We walked off a very small portion of dinner on our way home, along Columbia Rd. It’s a very nice contrast.

Campfire Stories: WordCamp KC 2011

Miranda’s Campfire Story:
Years ago, I remember going with my mom and dad to drop off my older brother at Boy Scout Camp. He was there to learn how to make s’mores, swim, and camp in log cabins. I also remember going with my mom and dad to drop off my younger sister at horse-riding camp. She was there to, well, ride horses.

Now ask my brother and sister if they remember dropping me off at camp. The answer would be a resounding “No.” That’s because for one reason or another, I was never allowed to go. That is, I never went to camp until this weekend when Anda Creative attended WordCamp KC. Granted, there were no horses, no cabins, we couldn’t set any of the catered food on fire, and we were surrounded by fellow geeks within the walls of a slick, new modern art facility rather than a cabin. Other than that, it was just like camp.

Amanda’s Campfire Story:
When I was 11 my parents sent my sister and me to a 2 week camp in Potosi, MO (if the town sounds familiar to anyone that is
because the state prison is also in Potosi). After being at camp for like an hour I wanted to go. It was hot, dirty and I was not really great at making friends so I didn’t have anyone to hang out with. One hour turned into one week of misery. I was getting used to hating my days, though, so I told myself I could just go through the motions for one more week and it would be over. And then we went to Elephant Rock. It was supposed to be this grand field trip where we could not only vast in the greatness that is Elephant Rock, but also swim. Well, I still had no friends so I decided to hike around the area and do my own thing. And that is how I got a leach attached to my ankle. Yes, a #$%@#*% leach. Up until that point I thought that you had to be in a Third World Country (or that swamp in “Stand By Me”) to get a leach attached to you. Nope. Elephant Rock would do just fine. I still cringe to this day when I think about it. So I pulled the leach off, gagged a few times, went to the van to wait until it was time to go, got through the next week and have tried to think very little about camp ever since.

WordCamp KC was fun, though.

Anda Creative’s Campfire Story:

WordCamp KC was held in Overland Park, KS over the weekend. WordCamp is a WordPress conference that’s held in various cities around the world. This was Miranda’s first WordCamp experience, while it was Amanda’s second (Amanda also attended WordCamp NYC 2010). We attended the event to learn more about using WordPress as a CMS platform for designing and developing websites. We attended sessions from all three tracks (Designer, Developer, and Publisher)–Miranda focused on the Designer track, while Amanda focused on the Developer track, but all three were useful.

The folks in KC put together a great event. It was well-organized and well-attended, and we left feeling well-informed. Next, we’re looking forward to attending WordCamp Elephant Rock.