Block Your Creative Block


A creative block is one of the utmost frustrating challenges a graphic designer or artist faces. We have compiled a list of 4 ways to help you find inspiration and overcome your creative block:

1. Traveling
We are not talking about relocating to a new city, although that would probably be a great remedy to your creative block! We are talking about getting up and leaving your workspace. How often do you find yourself sitting in front of your desk, zoning out and staring at your computer monitor? Leave. You don’t want to feel trapped; you want to let your imagination run wild and think outside the box– so get away from your box every few hours to give your mind and eyes a break.

2. Nature
Exposing yourself to nature could be the greatest thing to do when you lack motivation or inspiration. Go outside, take a breath of fresh air and focus on your surroundings. Be aware of the sounds around you, the stylistic pattern of the pavement right beneath your feet, the shape and form of the clouds, or the harsh texture of a tree bark. By allowing yourself to take in this moment, you learn to appreciate the little things and will get inspired by the beauty that is nature.

3. Mingling with other Creatives

Graphic designers and artists should stay connected with fellow creatives. We learn and get inspired when we socialize with others. We may feel like we know all about design, branding, and print, but the truth is we don’t. Communicate within the office, attend local events or set up a small gathering for coffee or lunch.

4. Social Media
Now, this is a tricky one. It is true that social media can be a complete distraction; however, it is definitely a place to turn to for new ideas. Social media exposes us to many personalities, keeps us up-to-date with current trends, and informs us about what’s happening in the world. It’s amazing to see what other people are doing. You can get inspired and learn so much from interesting posts and blogs.

Bonus Tip:
Read the Anda Creative blog regularly, for constant inspiration, laughs, entertainment, and more!

FFaNY: Feet-uring new Anda Creative designed brands

Anda hopped over to the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFaNY) shoe show today to catch the tail end of our client’s (Dynasty Footwear) showrooms. As always, their showrooms looked great, with many innovative, warm-weather styles.

Anda collaborated with Dynasty over the past several months to rework several of their existing brands: Beach Club, People Movers, London Underground and more. Although some display fixtures and brands are still in the works, several finished branded footwear selections were on display, so check out our phone pics below. Hopefully more to come for the December FFaNY show…and hopefully we will remember to bring a real camera!

Dynasty-FFaNY-Light-tastic Dynasty-FFaNY-BeachClub
Dynasty-FFaNY-LondonUnderground Dynasty-FFaNY-PeopleMovers

Contestant 1: “A mouse. A Holga. Donuts…” Contestant 2: “Things Found in Anda’s Studio.”


Illustrator Adam Dant’s exhibition, From the Library of Dr. London


From the Library of Dr. London, by Adam Dant

During my last couple of trips to visit my brother and family in London, I have admired illustrator Adam Dant’s The Map of Spitalfields Life hanging in their hallway, so I was happy to hear we’d have the opportunity to see Dant’s current exhibition From the Library of Dr. London during this most recent visit.

The show includes a series of large-scale, highly detailed, illustrated (ink) interpretations of several big cities: London, Paris, Zurich, Istanbul, New York and Tokyo.

Following these maps may lead you to some unexpected points of interest, but I highly suggest a visit to see them if you find yourself in the East End. If not, check out some of his other works.

Exhibition at Hales Gallery, September 7 – October 6
Tea Building
7 Bethnal Green Road
London EI 6LA

Farmers, friends, feasting and a rain dance at Chicago’s Uncommon Ground

Anda Creative spent the end of last week and weekend visiting our farm and agriculture clients in the northern Illinois cities of Princeton and Chicago. AgriEnergy gave us a tour of their campus nestled in the middle of farm fields desperate for rain. We were happy to bring rain to the town of Princeton on Saturday and brought it along with us to Chicago, just in time for the rooftop happy hour for the Iroquois Valley Farms Midsummer Feast at the Uncommon Ground restaurant. You’re welcome, Illinois, Anda is just happy we could deliver.

Once everyone realized what the wet substance falling from the sky was, they didn’t let it damper (just dampen) the festivities. Everyone huddled under small umbrellas and most didn’t complain too much about getting wet. As soon as the rain stopped, it was our cue to move indoors for the farm feast. The food was donated by Iroquois Valley Farms growers, and the menu was conceived and prepared by Uncommon Ground (menu below). Anda worked closely with Iroquois Valley Farms president, David Miller, to design the invitations, presentation, promotional items and menus.

The country’s first certified organic rooftop farm (M.O.S.A. Oct, 2008).

Iroquois Valley Farms president, David Miller, welcomes guests to the Midsummer Feast.

A full house for the Midsummer Feast.

Iroquois Valley Farms Midsummer Farm Feast

Appetizers on the Roof Garden
Holy Moses Wheat Ale

Sustainably Brewed by Great Lakes Brewery
Donated locally by Louis Glunz Beers, Chicago

Fromage de Chevre with Mushroom Tapanade
Down to Earth Farms, Indiana and Wind n Oak Farms, Will County, IL

Pastured Beef Tartare
From the organic fields of Waseda Farms, Door County, WI

First Course
Three Sisters “Trois Soeurs” Salad
Corn, summer squash, pole beans, plus organic tomatoes
From Down to Earth Farms, Indiana

Second Course
Grass Fed Prairie Meats Stew with vegetables and corn bread
Beef supplied by Black Earth Meats, WI
Pork supplied by Faith’s Farm, Bonfield, IL

Summer Berry Cobbler
Organic wheat berries from Janie’s Farm, Iroquois County, IL

WordCamp Kansas City 2012

Anda Creative is back in KC attending the second annual WordCamp conference for the WordPress content management system.

So far, the design and development content is great but we were a little disappointed about the refreshments, especially since yesterday was National Donut Day. The donut management system must be down — there’s no other explanation.

Happy National Donut Day

Whether you spell it doughnut or donut, we can all agree that they are worthy of celebration. Anyone who places a design order in the month of June can request a free Anda donut button. It doesn’t taste as good as the real thing, but it will remind you to eat more donuts. Read more about National Donut Day here.

The Era of Design

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, we are living in the era of design. Businesses now recognize the value and importance of good design in the marketplace.

Designers will tell you it goes beyond this, whether it’s design for business or personal use. We enjoy making things look good, not just pointing out what doesn’t.

Team Jerry’s Torch: 2012 American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure

Anda Creative is proud to support Team Jerry’s Torch in the 2012 American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure (June 2, Grafton, IL), captained by good friend Erika Nelson. Erika organized this year’s team to ride in honor of her father Jerry Beine, a long time supporter of the American Diabetes Association and Tour de Cure participant.

Anda designed the logo/shirt for Team Jerry’s Torch, but that’s the easy part! There’s still a lot of work to do. To read more about the great work of the American Diabetes Association and to support Jerry’s Torch, click here.

Join the Millions℠. Together we can Stop Diabetes®.

This American Life live at a theater near you

Ira Glass’ radio show This American Life will be aired live to movie theaters across the US tomorrow, May 10 at 7pm. The title of the show is Things You Can’t Do on the Radio and includes David Sedaris and OK Go among the line-up of guests.

Locally, it will be shown at the St. Louis Mills theater, but to find more theater listings and to download OK Go’s free app to accompany the show, click here.  What a creative way to get the audience involved using smart phone technology!