Senior Graphic Designer

Jim is our Senior Graphic Designer / Website Developer / Office Chef. We’re pretty sure his dream project would be to design a website for a cooking show, then code then entire website, and then cook a recipe on TV with the cooking show host. We are 100% confident it would look, function, and taste excellent!

He is from St. Louis, MO and earned his Associates of Fine Arts in Graphic Communications from St. Louis Community College at Meramec and his BA in Advertising and Media from Lindenwood University. He embedded himself into the world of digital media by working as designer/developer for start-up tech companies. He continues to push his coding and UI/UX abilities as far as possible, while balancing his passion for sharp, bold design and mobile-first web development.

When he’s not creating layouts or writing code, you’ll probably find him at home cooking something from scratch like pasta sauce, artisan breads, or anything in a cast iron skillet. He also enjoys playing ice hockey, biking, hiking, coffee, craft brews, fancy whiskey, and spending relaxing quality time with loved ones.