Graphic Design Intern

Graphic design has taken Lauren around the world and now we’re happy to say it has brought her to our graphic design team! You might say she’s come full-circle, but who’s to say it’s not full-square, full-triangle, or full-rhombus, depending on the design layout?

She was born and raised in St. Louis, and earned her BFA in Visual Communications, with a minor in Communication, from Truman State University. While in school she jumpstarted her career training as the head designer for the campus Career Center, a graphic design internship for an ad agency in Shanghai, China, an editorial art internship for a well known magazine publisher in New York, and a remote creative content/graphic design internship for a fashion accessories company in Miami.

When she’s not designing, she enjoys immersing herself in all things Instagram by following creatives, curating her own feed, playing tennis, listening to podcasts, eating popcorn, drinking green tea, eating Japanese food, and appreciating fashion. Oh, wait, some of these interests are not all things Instagram, but you get the picture. Get it? Picture!