Anda Creative recently teamed up with PlayPower, Inc. to help rework their branding system. We started with logo options developed to reflect their family of companies and to promote its commitment to play for all ages. The next step was to develop business cards, corporate communications templates, digital templates, and a brand style guide to provide information about the mission, brand purpose, and brand usage throughout their organization.

Our latest collaboration was to organize and design their corporate catalog. The purpose of this piece is to promote their products for different markets, as well as to introduce each of the brand business units: Little Tikes Commercial, Miracle Recreation, Soft Play, HAGS, Essentials, EZ Dock, Freemove, USA SHADE, and VPS. The 48-page catalog was translated into multiple languages and serves as one of their primary marketing tools.

In addition, Anda Creative worked with PlayPower’s business unit, Miracle Recreation Equipment Company, to create a brand style guide and to map proper usage for the newly redesigned brand. The focus of their new branding is to use bright, vivid colors along with images of smiling children as often as possible. The guide is used to reintroduce the oldest and largest commercial playground equipment manufacturer in the United States in a new light and to promote consistent usage within the company.

In conjunction with the style guide, we also designed new business cards and direct mail pieces.

PlayPower and Miracle Recreation

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